Total Solar Eclipse
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Aug. 21, 2017 will be America's best chance to see a total solar eclipse for the next seven years.

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Five­-time employee of the month, Connor Hickox, is a producer, anchor and video guy at Newsy. Before landing at Newsy, Connor worked in TV and film production on everything from sketch comedy to women's MMA. When not in the office or reporting in the field, Connor can be found practicing his mid-range jumper, working Kanye lyrics into conversation and making dad jokes (some recycled from his actual father). Connor also feels uncomfortable talking about himself in the third-person.

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President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Protesters Smash Windows And Limo At Trump Inauguration

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Trump's Sons Will Manage Business During His Presidency

Marijuana activists in D.C. roll joints in preparation for Donald Trump's inauguration.
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Weed Activists Are Giving Out 4,200 Joints For Trump's Inauguration

Trump and his children cut the ribbon at his D.C. hotel
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Trump's secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson
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Trump's Cabinet Faces More Conflict-Of-Interest Scrutiny Than He Does

Faith Spotted Eagle speaks at an event
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A Portland police officer speaks with a person who is homeless
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Portland Is Taxing Companies With High-Paid CEOs To Fight Homelessness

Donald Trump and his pick for education secretary Betsy DeVos
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Public School Teachers Oppose Trump's Pick For Education Secretary

Postcard with "What now, America?" on top of American map
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What Now, America?

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California Isn't Worried About Its Adult Film Actors Wearing Condoms

Young black voter at a voting station
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2016's Voters Are The Most Diverse In History

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Fewer Migrants Are Crossing The US Border. So Why Are More Dying?

A marijuana growing facility in Denver.
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Colorado Cannabis Companies Still Jump Through Financial Hoops

Vermin Supreme and Donald Trump
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Meet Vermin Supreme: The Man Who Says He 'Paved The Way' For Trump

Mayor Bob Dixson helped rebuild Greensburg, Kansas, on a 100-percent clean energy plan.
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Meet The Small Town Destroyed By A Tornado And Rebuilt On Green Energy

Donald Trump speaks during the debate
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NAFTA Didn't Have The Huge Economic Impact Donald Trump Says It Did

Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate
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Unless You're Very Rich, Clinton Probably Isn't Hiking Up Your Taxes

U.S. map with Tennessee highlighted and the number zero, which is how many times the candidates have visited since primaries
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Non-Swing States Get Almost No Attention From White House Candidates

Bowie State University graduates at their commencement ceremony
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Fact Check: Black Americans Aren't In The 'Worst Shape' Ever

Downtown skyline of Huntington, West Virginia.
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There's A New War On Drugs At The Center Of America's Heroin Epidemic

Clinton gestures toward Trump at the debate
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Clinton Says Trump's Tax Plans Would Cost Millions Of Jobs

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd.
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Obama Counters Trump's Black Communities Comment With This