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Connor Hickox

Production Lead

Connor Hickox leads Newsy's video editing and motion graphics teams, designing and enforcing house production style, developing new shows and programs, and overseeing post-production across editorial teams. Coming from a background in TV and film production, Connor landed at Newsy in 2014 to help grow its field reporting operation.

  Recent Work
Chance Seales and bull rider Sean Willingham
Newsy / Mai Nolasco-Carranza / Matt AnzurU.S.

Dream Jobs: Bull Rider

Jonte Lee talking
Newsy/Matt AnzurU.S.

Dream Jobs: STEM Teacher

Vigil in El Paso
Dave Franco / NewsyU.S.

El Paso Community Stands Together In The Wake Of Tragedy

An interpreter speaks with Kurdish villagers during a tri-partite humanitarian mission involving US, Iraqi and Kurdish forces

Steep Drop In Visas For Afghans, Iraqis Who Helped U.S. Forces

President Trump stands on stage along with NRA executives at the annual NRA Leadership Forum
Getty ImagesPolitics

President Trump To Pull U.S. Out of International Arms Trade Treaty

Robert Mueller
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Mueller Probe, From Start To Finish

Man at the voting booth
Getty imagesPolitics

The Grand History Of Broken Promises From Presidential Candidates

Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft
Getty ImagesU.S.

Boeing Faces Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit After 737 MAX Crashes

Boeing's 737 MAX

What's Boeing Doing To Solve Its 737 MAX Problem?

Federal workers and union representatives take part in a silent protest on Capitol Hill.

Government Workers Still Recovering Financially From Partial Shutdown

Juan Guaido
Getty ImagesWorld

EU Parliament Recognizes Juan Guaido As Venezuelan President

Missouri Farm Bureau Vice President Todd Hays
Newsy Staff / Connor HickoxPolitics

Trump's Trade War Is Leaving Missourians Bruised, But Not Broken

A DACA rally in Chicago, Illinois.

As DACA Winds Through Courts, A Cautionary Tale In Executive Orders

"Roseanne" stars
Getty ImagesEntertainment

Roseanne Barr Overshadowed Roseanne Conner, So The Show Got The Ax

SunPower field supervisor Oscar Madrigal demonstrates using a panel washing robot on a row of solar panels.
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Growing Solar Industry Lacks Diversity

Man takes health exam at home
American Psychological AssociationPolitics

What Is 'Health Equity'? Lawmakers Are Working To Get It On The Table

A woman at a voting booth
Getty imagesPolitics

20 Women Will Face Off In Competitive Pennsylvania Primaries

Woman holds 'Me Too' sign.
Getty ImagesU.S.

#MeToo Monologues: How Theater Empowers Survivors Of Trauma

Gina Haspel in the Capitol building
Getty ImagesU.S.

What You Need To Know Ahead Of Gina Haspel's CIA Confirmation Hearing

Special counsel Robert Mueller sits at a podium
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Could Be Subpoenaed Thanks To Precedent Set By Past Presidents

A young woman peeks out of a voting booth

Will Millennials Vote To Fix Problems They Blame On Baby Boomers?

North Koreans watch concert featuring South Korean musicians
Getty ImagesWorld

Beyond The Peace Talks, Could North And South Korea Ever Reunify?

Inside the National Memorial For Peace And Justice
Getty ImagesU.S.

Lynching Memorial Aims To Highlight Ongoing Racial Inequality

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
Getty ImagesPolitics

Congress Asks Scandal-Ridden Scott Pruitt If He Can Still Do His Job

Women in film "I Feel Pretty."
STX Entertainment / "I Feel Pretty"Entertainment

Movie Trailers Strive To Attract Viewers — But They Can Repel Them Too

Wong Kim Ark, father of U.S. birthright citizenship
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration / Andrew LawlerU.S.

The Father Of US Birthright Citizenship Is Nearly Forgotten

A soldier standing next to a satellite dish in Iraq
U.S. Marine Corps / Cpl. Jacob PruittU.S.

The US Military Has A Satellite Problem

California state flag during demonstration
Getty imagesPolitics

More California Cities And Counties Reject State's Pro-Immigration Law

Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel
National Assembly of CubaWorld

Castro's Exit Won't Change Much For Cuba

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Getty ImagesPolitics

Mounting Scandals Could Spell Disaster For Japan's Prime Minister