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Andrew Lawler

Motion Graphics Producer

Born in the woods of the far off land they call Columbia, Missouri, Andrew is a super-energetic and outgoing video editor, known for talking non-stop while writers work in vain to finish their stories. When it comes to editing, his strengths include speed, coloring, and over-heating computers to ridiculous degrees. Off the clock Andrew enjoys playing video games, watching television, and staring blankly in corners for hours on end.

  Recent Work
Geolocation can help debunk false claims against Syria's White Helmets group.
Google MapsWorld

How Digital Detective Work Debunks Russia's Claims On White Helmets

Wisconsin Republicans work through a lame-duck session of the state legislature.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Not Every State Has Time For Lame-Duck Legislative Sessions

Border Patrol agents
Getty ImagesPolitics

Immigration Is A Lightning Rod, But The Numbers Tell A Nuanced Story

Man scans items in a warehouse
Getty ImagesTech

Our Data Is Out There — And We Aren't Doing Much To Protect It

Ambulances and police officers gather in front of the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.
Getty Images / Antoine AntoniolWorld

17 Years After Its Biggest Attack Against The US — Al-Qaeda Persists

Shipping Containers Preparing to Be Delivered
Getty ImagesBusiness

The 'Right Way' To Do Trade Internationally May Not Always Be Obvious

A bipartisan redistricting commission
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

To Fix Gerrymandering, Lawmakers Might Need To Give Up Some Control

Pregnant woman
Getty ImagesU.S.

Big Families Are Out; Education And Income Are In

A family crosses into Canada at an irregular border crossing.
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiWorld

Crossing North: Asylum Seekers Use The US As A Route Into Canada

Estonian soldiers in a NATO exercise
Getty ImagesWorld

Don't Judge NATO Allies Solely By Their Spending Targets

Big Mail digs into the data-driven scams behind junk mail.
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Big Mail: Signed, Sealed, Exploited

Genetics research
Getty ImagesTech

Is The Machine That Can Snip And Swap Our DNA Awesome Or Ominous?

A mosaic of Moammar Gadhafi on a wall in Tripoli, Libya
Getty Images / Daniel BerehulakPolitics

Why North Korea's Not Big On Trump's Libya Model For Denuclearization

Refugees apply for jobs in Germany
Getty ImagesWorld

Refugee Or Not? Countries Are Going High-tech To Figure It Out

Students in Chicago
Getty ImagesU.S.

Want To Empower Girls? Consider The 'Zarpies'

Viktor Orban
Getty ImagesWorld

Authoritarianism Is Making A Comeback, And Hungary Sets The Standard

Illustration of people at a chalkboard
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Here's What's At Stake In The 2018 Midterm Elections

President Donald Trump leaves the podium after making a statement on the administration's strategy for dealing with Iran.
Getty Images / Drew AngererPolitics

What Happens Now That Trump Left The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Final print of the Oakland Tribune
Getty ImagesU.S.

Local News Is Shrinking — What Happens When The Watchdogs Disappear?

Military firing range
Department of DefenseU.S.

AUMF: The Sometimes Blurry Permission Slip For US Military Action

LAT refresher training for seasoned OPCW inspectors in the Czech Republic.
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsWorld

Here's How The UN's Chemical Weapons Watchdog Works

Getty ImagesSci/Health

'Miracle' Drug Reverses Overdoses, But Does It Fuel Addiction Cycle?

Woman at brain exhibit
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Are You A Democrat Or A Republican? A Look At Your Brain Might Tell Us

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

The 'Steele Dossier' Is Controversial — But Is It True?

Girls looking at phone
Getty ImagesTech

Dopamine Is The Addictive Little Secret Of Social Media

A still image from an ISIS video showing the capture of a large weapons depot belonging to the Syrian government.
ISIS propaganda videoWorld

How Guns Move: Understanding The Deadly Game Of Weapons Proliferation

Woman votes in Iran's presidential election
Getty ImagesWorld

In Iran, The Hijab Has Its Roots In Protest, Not Conformity

U.S.-Canada border
Getty ImagesPolitics

Is Merit-based Immigration Our Solution? Let's Ask Canada

Martin Luther King Jr.
U.S. Information AgencyU.S.

A Voice For All Americans, MLK's Legacy Reaches Further Than You Think

Rotterdam port
Getty ImagesWorld

The Anatomy Of A Trade War