Yellowstone National Park to Reopen in Phases

Yellowstone National Park to Reopen in Phases
The park will have a three-phase reopening plan that begins with only opening entrances in Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park will begin a phased reopening this week as many states share plans to ease back their coronavirus lockdown measures. 

The country's first national park draws millions of visitors each year but closed on March 24 under request of local officials. Now as it begins to reopen, Yellowstone is in a complicated situation since the park touches three states, all with different rules.

So, Yellowstone will have a three-phase plan that begins with  only opening entrances in Wyoming since that's the only state that has lifted its out-of-state travel restrictions. Once Montana and Idaho begin to lift their restrictions then the other entrances will be open to visitors. 

Park officials say they have plans to regulate crowds in the park's indoor spaces and shops. 

But Yellowstone's geysers attract swarms of tourists. Rangers say serious cooperation by the public will be required to protect the health and safety of all visitors.

Yellowstone superintendent Cameron Sholly said in a statement, "I’m asking the public to partner with us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ... Visitors can protect their family and friends by skipping areas that are too crowded and always maintaining social distance from other people, including rangers."

Campgrounds, bus tours, hotels and full-service dining will remain closed until later phases of the plan are enacted. For Newsy, I'm Gage Jackson.