Why Luxury Automaker Jaguar Is Lowering Its Prices

Why Luxury Automaker Jaguar Is Lowering Its Prices
Jaguar is dropping prices and building an SUV to find a new place in the luxury car market.

Do you have $52,885 laying around? If so, you can be the new owner of Jaguar's XF 35t midsize sedan. (Video via Jaguar)

And that's a pretty good price considering Motor Trend reports last year's entry model was 9 percent more expensive.

The British car company introduced new, lower-priced models Thursday in an attempt to win your business. The luxury car brand that ruled the 1950s and '60s has taken a back seat to German brands like Mercedes-Benz and Audi. (Videos via Mercedes-Benz and Audi)

Jaguar Land Rover's North America President told Forbes, "People in the past looked upon us as, yes, very beautiful cars that are great performance automobiles, but unaffordable or out-of-reach. ... That’s about to change dramatically."

mixture of things led to the decline Jaguar now faces. One, the high price of the cars. Second, the cars themselves. More and more drivers have gravitated to SUVs over the years, but Jaguar didn't have any of those to offer. (Video via Jaguar)

Both of Jaguar's new, cheaper models, the XF 35t midsize sedan and the F-Pace SUV crossover, are bigger than the custom Jaguar. 

There's also the XE sedan which is smaller, but the most affordable starting at $35,885.

The next challenge for Jaguar will be to keep its "posh" status as we see more and more low-price models hit the road. 

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