White House Wants Progress On Infrastructure Deal

White House Wants Progress On Infrastructure Deal
Sen. Collins says there are fundamental differences when defining the bill.

The Biden Administration is beginning to grow impatient with the slow progress toward a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

Cedric Richmond, a White House senior adviser said President Biden will change his tone if a deal cannot be struck with Republicans.

On Friday the White House lowered the price of the president's infrastructure plan from $2.25 trillion to $1.7 trillion.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said even with the price cut the two sides have fundamental differences.

"We Republicans tend to define infrastructure in terms of roads, bridges, sea-ports, airports and broadband. The Democratic definition seems to include social programs that have never been considered part of core infrastructure," said Collins.

Collins said negotiations should continue.

Republicans have a counter offer of a $568 billion plan on the table.

The White House said it wants to see a major step in talks by the end of the week.