Washington Will Vote On An Initiative To Fight Carbon Pollution

Washington Will Vote On An Initiative To Fight Carbon Pollution
The initiative aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions by imposing a fee on large polluters in the state.

People in the state of Washington will vote next week on whether they want to put a tax on carbon pollution. Initiative 1631 would impose a fee on "the state's largest polluters" in the oil and gas industry in an effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Washington is reportedly the first state to attempt to reduce fossil fuel use with a carbon tax. A similar tax was on the ballot two years ago in the state but failed. 

This year's initiative would use the money raised from the tax to fund programs aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions — things like improved public transit, better energy efficiency and cleaner electricity sources. 

But opponents of Initiative 1631 say the tax on producers would lead to higher gas prices and utility bills and may not have an effect on global warming, according to NBC News.   

This comes after a startling U.N. report warned of the consequences of global warming. The report called for the countries that are part of the Paris climate accord to make "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes" to limit a rise in global temperatures. President Trump pulled the U.S. out of that climate agreement last year.