How Allegations Against A CW Producer Point To Another Hollywood Issue

How Allegations Against A CW Producer Point To Another Hollywood Issue
Multiple people accused producer Andrew Kreisberg of creating an inappropriate and "toxic" work environment.

In response to allegations of sexual harassment and hostile behavior in the workplace, Warner Bros. has suspended and launched an investigation into producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Kreisberg is known for his work on many of The CW's DC universe shows. Speaking with Variety, 19 anonymous sources alleged the producer's behavior at work was inappropriate and "toxic" enough that one woman reportedly left her job.

At least three people said Kreisberg evaluated female employees "based on their bodies, not on their work." Many others accused the producer of harassing both men and women, and his alleged behavior was said to have gotten worse when he rose up in rank.

Kreisberg denies the allegations against him.

But they come amid a growing number of allegations of harassment in Hollywood. And all of that is indicative of another issue: the link between sexual misconduct and gender discrimination.

Both issues are said to stem from the industry's lack of women in key production positions. From 2016 to 2017, women in television comprised just 28 percent of behind-the-scenes roles. Some suggest better representation is critical for creating safe working environments.