Demonstrators Clash With Police As Hong Kong Protests Continue

Demonstrators Clash With Police As Hong Kong Protests Continue
​Tens of thousands of protesters converged on a small town near Chinese border for the eighth consecutive weekend of demonstrations.

Demonstrators in Hong Kong took to the streets Saturday to protest a proposed extradition bill and recent acts of violence, with police and protesters locked in a standoff as night fell.

Tens of thousands of protesters converged on Yuen Long, a small town that sits near the Chinese border. The eighth consecutive weekend of demonstrations mostly centered on a proposed bill that would have allowed the extradition of people from Hong Kong to mainland China for criminal proceedings. 

Although the extradition bill has now been tabled, protesters continue to call for it to be pulled completely. They're also seeking the resignation of Hong Kong's leader.

Tensions between police and protesters have been high since an incident last weekend, in which demonstrators were attacked by a mob with sticks and metal bars. At least 45 people were injured. Afterward, demonstrators alleged police turned their backs on the attack, allowing it to go on for nearly an hour before moving in to help.

In Saturday's demonstrations, hundreds of officers in riot gear clashed with protesters, dispersing many with tear gas but meeting resistance from a core group of a few hundred people. That group formed barricades and charged police lines.  

China has been keeping an eye on the situation, recently implying that military force could be an option for suppressing the protests if they continue. 

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.