Venezuelan President Maduro Takes Oath Of Office

Venezuelan President Maduro Takes Oath Of Office
Maduro has faced increasing opposition to his run as President, with many considering his May election to have been "illegitimate."

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took the oath of office Thursday, beginning the second six-year term of a presidency that has been plagued by international condemnation and criticism of authoritarian rule.

The election that placed Maduro into power in May has largely been discredited due to allegations of fraud. Venezuela's National Electoral Council figures show turnout was historically low and multiple opposition groups boycotted the vote.

The Lima Group, a group of Latin American countries including Canada, said in a statement they consider Maduro's new mandate "illegitimate" and are trying to persuade Venezuela into democratic reform.

In a tweet, the United States' National Security Adviser John Bolton responded to the news by saying, "The US will not recognize the Maduro dictatorship's illegitimate inauguration."

Additional reporting by Newsy affiliate CNN