Trump Administration Will Boycott UN Council, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Trump Administration Will Boycott UN Council, Citing Anti-Israel Bias
The Trump administration will not participate in the U.N. Human Rights Council as long as it perceives an "anti-Israel" bias.

The Trump administration is boycotting the United Nations Human Rights Council to protest the organization's treatment of Israel.

The U.N. has taken a pretty hard stance against Israel's treatment of Palestinians, as well as its West Bank settlements, which are illegal under international law

In part, U.S. officials oppose an HRC mandate, known as Agenda Item 7, that the council must discuss Israel and its treatment of Palestinians at every meeting. 

But a boycott isn't unheard of. The U.S. didn't participate in the council debates under President George W. Bush, and it only participated during six of President Barack Obama's eight years in office. And even then, the Obama administration didn't take part in debates about Israel's human rights record.

The Trump administration says other countries that are HRC members also commit human rights violations but aren't targeted by the U.N. 

The White House's latest budget proposal cuts U.S. funding to the agency significantly. But Congress has the final say on whether those cuts will happen.

U.S. officials say the country will vote against any action by the U.N. it sees as anti-Israel, and it will encourage allies to do the same.