UN General Assembly Endorses Migration Accord

UN General Assembly Endorses Migration Accord
U.N. member states voted 152-5 to endorse the Global Compact for Migration.

On Wednesday, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the Global Compact for Migration, an accord meant to bolster safer migration across the world.

The compact's goal is to ensure cooperation between countries in how they view and deal with migration. It covers a wide range of issues that can occur when migrants attempt to pursue economic opportunity in foreign countries.

It was approved with a vote of 152-5. The accord is the first international document to deal with the issue, according to The Associated Press. 

The accord faced opposition from five countries, including the U.S., which backed out of the compact in early December. The U.S. claimed the accord hurt countries' individual sovereignty, although the accord is not legally binding.

The U.N.'s secretary-general said in a statement the agreement was "pointing the way towards humane and sensible action to benefit countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as migrants themselves."