Turkish President Erdogan's Push For Control Pushes PM Out Of Office

Turkish President Erdogan's Push For Control Pushes PM Out Of Office
Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu won't run again at the country's May 22 special congress after a dispute with the country's president.

Turkey's prime minister is stepping down after long opposing the increasing control from Turkey's president.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu — who was hand-picked by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2014 — said, "My loyalty to the president will last till the end."

Technically, a prime minister in Turkey has more power than the country's president.

But Erdoğan has continued to push for increased authority. Both men belong to the Justice and Development Party — or AKP in Turkish.

Last week, the AKP took away Davutoglu's power to choose the country's party leaders — just another move opponents say was forcing Davutoglu's obedience to Erdoğan.

Davutoglu and Erdoğan reportedly met on Wednesday but apparently didn't make any headway.

Davutoglu will leave behind a European Union deal with Angela Merkel that would've, in part, let Turkish citizens travel to EU countries without a visa. But Erdoğan has since said he was the one who worked on the deal.

Davutoglu will remain in his current party that has a majority control, but will become a legislator instead of running for re-election in the upcoming congress session.

Turkey's new prime minister will be chosen at that May 22 session. Some of those possibly in the running include Erdoğan's own son-in-law.

This video includes clips from Presidency of the Republic of TurkeyTRT and Haberturk and images from Getty Images and Facebook / Grand National Assembly of Turkey.