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Twitter Users Notice Trump Took Days To Secure @POTUS Twitter Account

Twitter Users Notice Trump Took Days To Secure @POTUS Twitter Account
Nearly a week into President Trump's administration, @POTUS was linked to a gmail account, which could have made it vulnerable.

It looks like President Trump was slow to secure his favorite method of communication.

On Thursday, Twitter users like TV Guide editor Alex Zalben noticed that the @POTUS Twitter handle was linked to a gmail account instead of an official White House email. That could have left it more vulnerable to hackers. 

Trump's fondness for Twitter makes the security of his account vitally important. He's used Twitter to announce major policy decisions, and some of his tweets have caused multi-billion dollar shifts in the stock market.

The problem now appears to be fixed. But hackers have been pointing out the insecurities since Inauguration Day, when Trump took over the account.

In 2009, then-President Barack Obama had to upgrade his BlackBerry to make it more secure. But a New York Times report said Trump is still using his unsecured Android device to tweet. 

Those are pretty glaring oversights when you consider that improving America's cybersecurity was a significant part of Trump's campaign. 

"To truly make America safe, we must make cybersecurity a major priority, which I don't believe we're doing right now. … As president, improving cybersecurity will be an immediate and top priority for my administration," Trump said at a campaign speech.