President Trump Appeals Tax Return Case To The Supreme Court

President Trump Appeals Tax Return Case To The Supreme Court
A D.C. appeals court recently declined for a second time to block a subpoena issued by the Manhattan DA seeking the president's tax returns.

President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to block a subpoena demanding that the president's accounting firm hand over eight years of his tax records.

On Wednesday, a D.C. appeals court refused for a second time to block the accounting firm from sharing the president's tax information with the House of Representatives.

A lawyer for President Trump said in a statement: "In our petition, we assert that the subpoena violates the U.S. Constitution and therefore is unenforceable. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will grant review in this significant constitutional case and reverse the dangerous and damaging decision of the appeals court."

The case came about as a part of a criminal investigation led by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance into alleged hush money payments. After Vance issued a subpoena to President Trump's accounting firm, the president's lawyers sued in federal court to block it.

Manhattan prosecutors have said they won't request the tax returns until the Supreme Court rules on the case. In exchange, they've insisted on a quick briefing schedule that would let the Supreme Court announce whether it will see the case as soon as next month, and potentially rule on the case by June.