Houston Finally Sees The Sun After Harvey

Houston Finally Sees The Sun After Harvey
Clearer skies are in the forecast for Houston now that Tropical Storm Harvey has moved over Louisiana.

Officials can start looking toward recovery now that Tropical Storm Harvey finally stopped dumping rain over the devastated Houston area. 

Since making landfall as a category 4 hurricane Friday, Harvey rained trillions of gallons of water over southeast Texas. One spot east of Houston received almost 52 inches of rain — a new record for the contiguous U.S.

Officials estimate as many as 67,000 Texas homes could be damaged from Harvey. And the American Red Cross says more than 32,000 people needed shelter Tuesday night.

Now that Harvey has moved past Houston, forecasters say the Texas city's next chance of rain is Saturday.

Despite the improvement in weather, floodwaters could keep rising. Houston's mayor imposed an indefinite overnight curfew to try to cut down on looting. 

Harvey made its final landfall early Wednesday morning and is heading across Louisiana toward Mississippi.

As of Wednesday afternoon, some areas of Louisiana already had almost 2 feet of rain.