Ahh, So This Is What You Do When You Get A 47-Year Layover

Ahh, So This Is What You Do When You Get A 47-Year Layover
It all started when a Skyscanner user got a puzzling flight itinerary that included a nearly 414,000-hour layover in Bangkok.

A 47-year-long airport layover sounds like the stuff of our worst nightmares.

But one particularly witty representative for U.K.-based travel app Skyscanner actually made it sound pretty fun. Allow us to explain.

It all started when Skyscanner user James Lloyd got this puzzling flight itinerary from the app. Notice the extremely long layover in Bangkok — nearly 414,000 hours, which is roughly 47 years.

Of course, Lloyd just had to share the obvious goof-up on Skyscanner's Facebook page along with the caption, "Just wondering what you'd recommend I do during the 47 year layover your website has suggested?"

And an employee named Jen responded to the message a few days later with a pretty extensive list of activities for Lloyd to try during his four-decade-long wait in Bangkok.

But Skyscanner Jen didn't stop there. She went through the comments and started several other hilarious conversations with users who came across the post.

We especially loved this creative "Game of Thrones" reference. Well played, Jen.

"A girl has no name," Arya Stark said on "Game of Thrones."

Fortunately for us, amusing social media responses from companies are becoming more and more popular these days.

The chief marketing officer of social customer service company Conversocial told Digiday, "Customers increasingly appreciate it, because they've gotten bored of the sterile nature of branded customer service."

On top of making us all laugh, Jen even sent Lloyd a care package to help keep him busy for the next 47 years. Gotta love a happy ending.