The U.S. Just Tried To Kill 'Jihadi John' With An Airstrike

The U.S. announced it had targeted Mohammed Emwazi, better known as "Jihadi John" in an airstrike in Raqqa Thursday night.


Mohammed Emwazi, better known as "Jihadi John," has been targeted by a U.S. airstrike.

The attack was one of several U.S. airstrikes which hit ISIS's de facto capital Raqqa late Thursday night. (Video via U.S. Central Command)

Emwazi, a British national, infamously beheaded several ISIS captives in execution videos widely circulated online.

One official told ABC the strike "evaporated" Emwazi. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook says the administration is still "assessing the results of [the] operation."

This video includes music from Chris Zabriskie / CC BY 4.0.