The Machines Have Won: Even Water Pitchers Have Wi-Fi Now

The Machines Have Won: Even Water Pitchers Have Wi-Fi Now
Brita's new Wi-Fi water pitcher orders new filters so you don't have to. Yeah, we groaned, too.

Amazon and Brita have teamed up to create a $45 water filtration pitcher.

It's $45 because it connects to Wi-Fi.

Why Wi-Fi? This Brita pitcher links up with Amazon and automatically places an order for a new filter cartridge when it's time. They typically last about two months before they need replacing.

Problem is, you're paying anywhere from $5 to $20 more for the Wi-Fi feature.

That's pretty pricey, given you could just as easily keep track of your filter schedule. And even more pricey if you usually ignore it when it tells you to replace the filter.

So, yeah, we were all but ready to write this pitcher off as another ridiculous lazy-making device.

That is, until we came across this thought from a writer at Re/code:

"It's hard to look in the future and think things should get less convenient. Even if that starts with a water pitcher that shops for you."

As much as a Wi-Fi-enabled water pitcher makes us groan, do we really want a future without Internet-connected objects?

It's kind of nice turning off the lights with a phone or knowing if there's an intruder in my house while I'm away.

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