This Supermoon Is Actually Worth Checking Out

This Supermoon Is Actually Worth Checking Out
It'll be 30 years before you can see a "super blue blood moon" again.

It's been about five years since major news outlets started hyping each and every supermoon, so it's understandable if you've stopped paying attention. Still, the one Wednesday, Jan. 31, may be worth your while.

A supermoon is simply when the moon is full while it's also closest to Earth. Technically, it's the biggest and brightest the moon can look, but it's hard to notice that difference with the naked eye. 

But this one will also happen during a total lunar eclipse — when the moon passes through Earth's shadow. The shadow turns the moon a rusty red color, which is usually nicknamed a blood moon, making this a super blood moon.

This will also be the second full moon in the same month, aka, a blue moon. So what you'll see Wednesday is a super blue blood moon — the first in 150 years.

Here's the bad news: You'll have to get up early Wednesday to see it. The best views are all around sunrise or earlier. NASA has a list of ideal viewing times for each time zone.