Steve Bannon Joins The Growing List Of Ousted Trump Aides

Steve Bannon Joins The Growing List Of Ousted Trump Aides
Steve Bannon is the latest in a long list of White House officials who've left the Trump administration in its first year.

The White House has a bit of a turnover problem: Steve Bannon is just the latest high-profile aide of President Trump to exit the administration.

Bannon's departure comes less than one month after his GOP establishment rival, Reince Priebus, was forced out of the White House chief of staff role during Anthony Scaramucci's brief tenure as White House communications director.

Scaramucci's entrance also marked the end of Sean Spicer's term as White House press secretary — but Scaramucci was fired by Trump's new chief of staff shortly thereafter.

And Scaramucci was only able to get a White House job thanks to the exit of Communications Director Mike Dubke in May.

The administration's also seen a handful of protest exits from career officials — acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired for refusing to defend Trump's travel ban, and White House ethics chief Walter Shaub resigned to protest Trump's conflicts of interest.

Other officials left under shadier circumstances — former national security adviser Michael Flynn was the first of Trump's close confidants to be shown the door after his contacts with Russia during the Trump campaign came to light.

And the investigation into Flynn and Russian election interference eventually led to Trump's biggest departure when he fired FBI Director James Comey. That touched off a series of leaks and speculation culminating in dramatic testimony from Comey before Congress.