What Struggle? Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus Show United Front At CPAC

What Struggle? Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus Show United Front At CPAC
The White House chief strategist and chief of staff also praised President Donald Trump.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon presented a united front at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. Their appearance followed reports the two were engaged in a power struggle.

"In regard to us two, I think the biggest misconception is everything that you're reading," Priebus said.

"Just like they were dead wrong on the chaos of the campaign, and just like they were dead wrong on the chaos of the transition, they are absolutely dead wrong about what's going on today because we have a team that's just grinding it through on what President Donald Trump promised the American people," Bannon said of the mainstream media.

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp asked the two what they like most about the other since they had "been so kinda kumbaya."

Priebus, who said he considers Bannon "a very dear friend," responded, "He is very dogged in making sure that — every day — the promises Donald Trump has made are the promises that we're working on every day. ... He's incredibly loyal. ... He's extremely consistent."

Bannon said, "I can run a little hot on occasions, and Reince is indefatigable. It's low-key, but it's determination. The thing I respect most and the only way this thing works is Reince is always kind of steady."

Bannon and Priebus seemed to be on the same page regarding actions President Trump has taken in his first month in office. 

Both cited executive orders on deregulation and immigration as some of Trump's most critical actions so far. 

But they both said they're just getting started.

"President Trump brought together the party and the conservative movement, and I've got to tell you, if the party and the conservative movement are together, similar to Steve and I, it can't be stopped," Priebus said.

Bannon told the crowd, "We're at the top of the first inning of this, and it's going to take just as much fight, just as much focus and just as much determination. ... Hold us accountable to what we promised. Hold us accountable for delivering on what we proimised."