States, Businesses Offering Sweeteners For Getting Shots

States, Businesses Offering Sweeteners For Getting Shots
Places around the U.S. are rewarding people with free beer and money if they get vaccinated.

When it comes to getting more COVID shots in arms, it appears state incentives are paying off. Quite literally. 

In Maryland and Detroit, people can get money for getting the shot or driving someone to get a shot. 

"A lot of people are still scared to take it so maybe this will help. Some people may want to go do it just because of that," Dorinda Jones, a resident of who got the vaccine, said.     

But since vaccination rates continue to decline, places like Washington, D.C. and New Jersey are finding other creative ways to incentivize vaccinations. 

Starting Thursday, you can get a shot, and a beer at the Kennedy Center in the nation's capital. No appointment necessary.   

"I think on this scale, it is something that's new, it's unfortunate that it has to come to this," Dr. Amesh Adalja told Newsy.  

Companies like Target, Kroger and Disney World are offering workers cash for shots too.

Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, believes incentives will work.   

"If we can prevent covid-19 from disrupting our lives, disrupting our economy, these incentives may prove to be worth it," Adalja said.  

According to Gallup, about a quarter of Americans are unwilling to get vaccinated, with most citing safety questions.  

Incentives are being accepted by scientists and politicians as a way to bring the U.S. closer to herd immunity. 

"It's going to be a daunting task to get the herd immunity, but I think it's really important to remember that although herd immunity is a key milestone, we will see benefits and we are already seeing benefits from getting our population vaccinated short of that herd immunity threshold," Adalja said.