Spain Counts Massive Increase In Coronavirus Cases

Spain Counts Massive Increase In Coronavirus Cases
On Saturday, its government warned "the worst is yet to come."

Spain saw a massive increase in coronavirus cases overnight Saturday into Sunday. In just 24 hours, it counted over 3,600 more infections.

Spain's total is now more than 28,500 — the third worst outbreak worldwide. The country's death toll surpassed 1,700 after rising 30% in a single day. Over 2,000 Spaniards have recovered.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told reporters in a briefing Saturday, "We have yet to receive the impact of the strongest, most damaging wave, which will test our material and moral capacities to the limit, as well as our spirit as a society."

Spain's government banned residents last week from leaving their homes unless they are buying food or medicine, going to work or to the hospital. Drones are being used to tell anyone out walking in Madrid to go home.

Globally, the case number continues to climb, with more than 300,000 confirmed cases according to Johns Hopkins University.

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