'Sore Loser' Cristiano Ronaldo Rips Iceland For Celebrating A Tie

'Sore Loser' Cristiano Ronaldo Rips Iceland For Celebrating A Tie
"That's a small mentality," Ronaldo said about Iceland's reaction after the game. "That's why they'll do nothing."

If you're playing Portugal, don't you dare celebrate a tie.

Portugal soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo recently ripped Iceland's national team for celebrating after a tie in their first-ever Euro match.

"They celebrated like they had won the Euro cup or something," Ronald said after the game. "That's a small mentality. That's why they'll do nothing."

Iceland was a massive underdog to Portugal going into the game, but the small island nation's team was able to force a 1-1 draw — essentially stealing a point away from Portugal.

"Over in Reykjavik here, the result sent the population of 330,000 people berzerk," the BBC reported. "You got to give them a fair break, don't you, Cristiano?"

Of course, Ronaldo's comments and actions came with a bit of blowback.

"It is sour grapes. This is a country of 330,000 people. They should be able to celebrate when they get a historic point. ... He probably said things that he probably regrets this morning," ESPN's Steve McManaman said.

Iceland defender Kari Arnason didn't mince words when responding to Ronaldo's comments.

He said: "He's just a sore loser. ... He fannies about and dives around. ... We didn't pay any extra attention to him."

Portugal will now face Austria, and Iceland will take on Hungary next as Group F play of Euro 2016 continues.

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