Six Flags And Saudi Arabia Should Make For An Interesting Pair

Six Flags And Saudi Arabia Should Make For An Interesting Pair
The Arab country is trying to expand its entertainment industry so it relies less on oil.

If Six Flags' 16 American theme parks seem a little too local, you could soon be riding one of its roller coasters in Saudi Arabia. 

The company's CEO told Saudi-owned Al Arabiya on Monday the amusement park plans to expand its empire in the Arab nation, following a meeting with the country's deputy crown prince. 

Few of the details have been released, but Six Flags' CEO did say his company's expansion fits in with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 –– an economic blueprint for the kingdom to stop relying on oil and expand into other industries.  

Six Flags has already announced it's going to open a park in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia's neighbor, in 2019

The Abu Dhabi location promises to feature record-breaking roller coasters, but both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are more conservative than the U.S., so it'll be interesting to see if their parks' attractions differ from those at the American locations.  

Six Flags may help Saudi Arabia's entertainment industry attract both local and foreign crowds. The country has little in the way of amusement parks, and last year it was reported most Saudi families favor traveling abroad

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's goal is to attract almost 82 million tourists a year by 2020. 

This video includes clips from Six FlagsCBSBBC and CCTV, and images from Getty Images.