President To Promote American Families Plan In Illinois

President To Promote American Families Plan In Illinois
President Biden will visit the Illinois county former President Trump won in 2020.

President Biden is visiting Crystal Lake, Illinois, north of Chicago, to promote his American Families Plan. Democrats are looking to pass it through reconciliation along with the bipartisan infrastructure plan.

The president will make the case for the American Families Plan in a county President Trump won by 2.5 points in 2020.

"I would see this as less of a political trip, more of an opportunity to speak to all Americans about why his build back better agenda and why his effort to extend the child tax credit, to make community college more affordable, to make universal pre-K a reality, is something people of all political stripes should be able to support," said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

The president will visit McHenry County College — a community college that has workforce development and child care centers which are both included in his "Build Back Better" agenda.

The $1.8 trillion plan would be paid for over 15 years alongside the American Jobs Plan.

Here's a breakdown of what the American Families Plan includes: two years of free preschool for 3- and 4-year olds and two years of free community college. The plan would make child care more affordable by determining how much families need to contribute based on their income. Child care would be fully covered for low-income Americans.

School meal and summer EBT programs would be expanded.

The proposal creates a national paid family and medical leave plan. Workers would be paid a minimum of two-thirds of average weekly wages up to $4,000 per month.

The plan expands health care tax credits and extends the Child Tax Credit increase through 2025. It would also increase the top tax rate from 37 to 39.6%.