President Biden: Go Get Vaccinated, America

President Biden: Go Get Vaccinated, America
Over 220 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered in the president's first 100 days.

The president used his address to look forward to a return to normal after the pandemic. 

He touted the number of vaccines administered during his time in office, over 220 million, and urged Americans to continue to roll up their sleeves and get a shot.

"Today, 90 percent of Americans now live within five miles of a vaccination site," said President Biden. "Everyone over the age of 16, everyone, is now eligible to get vaccinated right now, right away. Go get vaccinated, America."

While millions of Americans have gotten a shot, the daily number of vaccinations has fallen sharply. Part of the reason could be vaccine hesitancy. 

And there appears to be a partisan divide. A poll last month found 29% of Republicans say they will definitely not get vaccinated. Just 5% of Democrats said the same. 

Health officials worry this could slow a return to normal.