Pompeo Responds To Impeachment Probe Document Request

Pompeo Responds To Impeachment Probe Document Request
After failing to meet a subpoena deadline from a House committee, Pompeo said that the State Department had responded to Congress.

After failing to meet a Sept. 27 subpoena deadline from a House committee to produce Ukraine-related documents, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a news conference on Saturday that the State Department has responded to the request.

"The State Department sent a letter last night to Congress, which is our initial response to the document request. We'll obviously do all the things we are required to do by law," said Pompeo.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee issued a subpoena to Pompeo asking him to provide documents concerning meetings with Ukrainian officials, as part of the House's ongoing impeachment inquiry. 

During a visit to Greece, Pompeo said that although the State Department had yet to turn over any documents, it does plan to go through with a proper review. He also took the opportunity to imply that there had been wrongdoing on the part of the House inquiry.

"And sadly there have been congressional inquiries that have harassed and abused State Department employees by contacting them directly and seeking them to provide documents, documents that belong to the State Department, official U.S. government records... And asking them to do so without saying, 'Hey don't bother calling the State Department lawyers, just talk to us directly.'" said Pompeo.

While in Greece, Pompeo also defended the phone conversation that President Trump had with the Ukrainian President, a discussion that prompted a whistleblower complaint and ignited an impeachment inquiry. 

"I was on the phone call, I'm on almost every phone call with the president with every world leader. The president has every right to have these set of conversations. I know precisely what the United States Department of State — indeed, sitting in front of you is the previous ambassador to Ukraine. We know exactly what we were doing there."

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.