NYPD Recalls Almost 3,000 Body Cameras After One Explodes

NYPD Recalls Almost 3,000 Body Cameras After One Explodes
The department said the incident revealed the camera's batteries are capable of igniting.

Almost 3,000 New York City police officers are working without body cameras Monday.

CNN says they were instructed to remove the cameras after one exploded over the weekend.

The officer who was wearing the device noticed smoke coming from it and managed to take the camera off before it exploded Saturday. No one was hurt in the incident.

While the department is still investigating why this happened, it said in a statement that the incident revealed the batteries inside the Vievu model LE-5 body cam are capable of igniting.

This recall reportedly affects about roughly one-fifth of NYPD officers currently wearing body cameras. 

The department began outfitting its officers with body cams back in April 2017. It's unclear if this incident will delay the NYPD's plan to have all 23,000 patrol officers using body cameras by the end of the year.