North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Makes New Year's Address

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Makes New Year's Address
In the annual address to North Korea, Kim reiterated his commitment to creating a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

In a New Year's announcement on Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un spoke of wanting to move toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. He also warned that continued pressure from Washington could lead to retaliation.

The announcement is something like a state of the union address. In the speech, Kim mentioned that he was willing to meet with President Trump again. He also said, "We have already declared domestically and internationally and took various actions showing our commitment that we will no further create or test nuclear weapons."

Despite an overall tone of compromise and progress, Kim did stress that the lessening of sanctions from the U.S. would be necessary for diplomatic progress to be made between the two countries. He warned of the potential negative consequences of the U.S. testing North Korea's "patience."

A meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and officials from North Korea was initially scheduled for November but was canceled and has not yet been rescheduled.