'Netflix Socks' Know When You Are Sleeping

'Netflix Socks' Know When You Are Sleeping
Netflix is taking chill to a whole new level with this invention.

Netflix has designed the ultimate accessory to make us even more lazy. Introducing "Netflix socks."

These DIY socks solve the don't-want-to-go-to-bed-yet-but-can't-stay-awake-to-finish-this-episode dilemma. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. The socks have a sensor inside that automatically pauses the episode you're on if you doze off.

It's a technology Netflix is calling "actigraphy." The device detects when you've stopped moving, a red light flashes and a signal is sent to your TV to pause the show. 

But if you're thinking "my active binge-watching looks a lot like my active sleeping," Netflix knows. The company encourages the sock wearer to tweak timings and thresholds for sleep detection to improve accuracy. Or add a pulse sensor to detect a change in heart rate.

Since these socks are do-it-yourself, the tweaks are limitless and the pattern design is totally up to you. Well, as long as you choose one of 17 Netflix original show designs. Though, finding a person who can both knit and handle a soldering iron may be easier said than done.

This isn't Netflix's first go at the DIY market. It also debuted a build-it-yourself technology called "The Switch." If you can manage to put the various chips and wires in the right place using the tiny tweezers, you've got yourself a retro-block-looking device that dims your lights, silences your phone and even orders some take out. 

The best part about this: The inventions are inspired by real Netflix users, and the company wants us to keep them coming. Our submission: Free Netflix for everyone. It's worth a try, right?

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