Motel 6 Under Fire For Reporting Guests To ICE

Motel 6 Under Fire For Reporting Guests To ICE
Motel 6 locations in Arizona reportedly sent their guest lists to U.S. immigration agents on a regular basis.

Hotel chain Motel 6 confirmed that some of its employees would routinely hand over guest information to U.S. immigration officials.

The Phoenix New Times originally broke the news after it investigated a series of Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests at several Arizona Motel 6s. Hotel staff told the paper they were forwarding guest lists to ICE every morning.

Motel 6 says senior management wasn't aware of the practice and has put a stop to it. The company says this behavior was limited to the local level.

But lawyers who represented people arrested and deported at a Motel 6 told The New York Times the practice was racial profiling and a violation of equal protection. And the American Civil Liberties Union asked the company to develop policies that would prevent this from happening again.

That's a valid concern: A Motel 6 in Rhode Island was flagged in 2015 for routinely handing its guest list over to the local police.