Millennials Drank A Lot Of Wine Last Year

Millennials drank a lot of wine last year. About 160 million cases in fact.

Millennials Drank A Lot Of Wine Last Year

Well, we did it fellow millennials. We've managed to outdrink every other age group. In wine, anyway.

In total, millennials drank nearly 160 million cases of fermented grape goodness in 2015.

The Wine Market Council tracks all sorts of wine drinking and buying habits, and recently presented its latest findings. It found that, generally speaking, millennials, or people age 21 to 38, are more prone to experimenting with their wine.

Ever pick out a bottle because it said “Greece” on the label, and that sounded a lot more exotic than your generic “California” vineyard? Me too, and it’s showing. Apparently people our age are driving imports from “discovery regions like Greece, Portugal and South Africa.”

Survey results also indicated that women are driving most of the industry growth. Last year, 57 percent of wine sales in the U.S. were thanks to women. 

And it turns out we’re giving the “bubbly” stuff more love too. Not just on New Year’s Eve, but year round. The Wine Market Council reports 31 percent of drinkers purchased prosecco for the first time in 2015. 

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