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Another Kim Family Member Is Now In North Korea's Top Political Body

Kim Jong-un's younger sister is reportedly a close aide and helps plan his travel and public appearances.
Another Kim Family Member Is Now In North Korea's Top Political Body

North Korea's Supreme Leader has promoted his younger sister to the country's political bureau.

Kim Yo-jong is one of former leader Kim Jong-il's seven children. She and current leader Kim Jong-un have the same mother, Ko Yong-hui. She's the only one of Kim Jong-un's siblings involved in government.

The younger Kim can be seen in glimpses on various North Korean news and propaganda videos. She's had a leading role in the Propaganda and Agitation Department and is said to be a close aide to her brother, planning his travel and public appearances, among other things.

Her new role as an alternate member of the country's top decision-making body means she can now participate in politburo debates but can't vote.

Kim Jong-un's sister joins his wife, Ri Sol-ju, as one of the most prominent women in the isolated country. His sister's appointment also reveals her as a trusted party member.

Reports from 2014 suggest she was in charge for several weeks while her brother underwent ankle surgery. There's a possibility her promotion was made to strengthen the Kim family's grip on power.

Kim also recently promoted Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, who gave the North Korean rebuttal to President Donald Trump's U.N. speech. He was made a full member of the politburo.

Some experts see the political shuffle as a way for Kim Jong-un to break away from his father's lasting influence and advance his own policy. Kim Yo-jong took the place of her aunt, who was a key player while Kim Jong-il was in power.