Justin Theroux Reveals He Used To Collect Human Teeth

Justin Theroux Reveals He Used To Collect Human Teeth
Justin Theroux told Jimmy Kimmel he used to collect human teeth, but his now-wife Jennifer Aniston wouldn't let his collection in their house.

Justin Theroux totally would've been a dentist in another life. 

Now, we say this because it turns out Jennifer Aniston's other half collects dental instruments and teeth. 

Forget collecting stamps or vintage baseball cards — Theroux really collects human teeth. He would get them from his dental hygienist.

"When I'd go in for like a cleaning or something — she'd slip me these little bags of teeth. And they'd be in a little biohazard bag. And she'd be all, 'Don't worry, I steamed them. And then I'd put them on a dish on the coffee table," Theroux said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday. 

Not surprisingly, host Jimmy Kimmel didn't seem shocked that Theroux admitted Aniston hasn't allowed the tooth collection into their house. 

Probably a wise decision, since Theroux once told GQ Magazine house guests often thought the teeth on the coffee table were mints. Don't worry — it sounds like he stopped them before anyone actually ate a human tooth. 

So now, Theroux admitted to Kimmel he's moved on to collecting what are called dental mannequins — which honestly look just as frightening as a dish full of human teeth.

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