Can Josh Brolin Play 2 Different Marvel Characters?

Can Josh Brolin Play 2 Different Marvel Characters?
Josh Brolin already plays Marvel villain Thanos, so he turned heads when news dropped that he'd also play Cable in the upcoming "Deadpool" flick.

Ever since the "Deadpool" franchise announced its sequel would feature the telekinetic time traveler known as Cable, everyone has wondered who would take on the role.

Now, it's been revealed Josh Brolin got the part.

And the news is turning the heads of many comic fans. Why?

Brolin already played the villain Thanos in other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, like "Guardians of the Galaxy," and he'll continue that role in an upcoming "Avengers" flick.

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Brolin also signed a four-movie deal with the "Deadpool" franchise to play Cable.

So are these characters ever going to cross paths and need to be re-cast? Not necessarily.

Twentieth Century Fox owns the rights to "Deadpool." And Disney owns those for the "Avengers" and "Guardians of the Galaxy."

While Disney has shown in the past it's willing to work with other studios — like with Sony in the upcoming "Spider-Man" movie — Fox has usually held onto its properties a little tighter.

For example, Fox even owns the rights to the word "mutant." And it's forced other studios to find creative ways to describe their heroes who are actually mutants in the comics.

If you still think it's weird for Brolin to play two Marvel characters, know it could be worse.

IMDB notes Brolin was considered for the role of Batman — a DC character — before it ultimately went to Ben Affleck.