John Oliver's Hot Take On The Controversial Obamacare Replacement

The American Health Care Act has drawn criticism from both conservative and liberal lawmakers.

Not too long ago, John Oliver devoted an episode of "Last Week Tonight" to the possibility of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Now that the GOP has introduced the American Health Care Act, the conversation has gone from a theoretical one to a breakdown of the proposed replacement. Surprise, surprise — Oliver is a pretty harsh critic. 

As he points out, the bill has been widely criticized by both conservative and liberal lawmakers. Some Republicans are calling it "Obamacare Lite," while Democrats say increased prices will force people to drop their health insurance.

To get his point across, Oliver returned to an ongoing gimmick: commercials aimed at President Trump. Recently, he bought ad space during news shows that he knows the president watches, and he aired commercials to "educate" the president on everything from the nuclear triad to climate change and human empathy. This new commercial uses the recurring "catheter cowboy" to tell Trump pushing this bill would hurt his popularity if passed.