John Oliver Takes Issue With The President's Proposed Budget Cuts

Even programs that directly benefit Trump's core supporters are on the chopping block.

If you've been keeping up with John Oliver and "Last Week Tonight" at all, you know the show has been pretty focused on picking apart the new president and his administration. Of the first five episodes to air this season, only one didn't focus heavily on President Trump. So of course Oliver had lots to say about the president's proposed budget, and specifically the programs it would cut.

He pointed to local programs like the Healthier Tennessee CommunitiesBoys and Girls Clubs of Tennessee Valley and the Governor's Books From Birth Foundation for two reasons. First, they "contain so many positive words" it allowed him to make this joke:

Second, these programs are all specific to Tennessee, a state in which 60.7 percent of votes went to Trump. The significance of cutting programs that benefit Trump's core supporters is hard to overlook.

The show then took a weird turn. The idea came from Oliver's discovery of the traffic-directing zebras of La Paz, Bolivia. He seemed delighted by the idea and encouraged viewers to #JustAddZebras to news clips — or really anything that needed some humor

But that probably shouldn't surprise you, after all, this is the show that created fake ads to air on real networks to "teach the president" basic facts he'll need to govern. So if you want in on the zebra antics, here's the full video the show provided.