Jimmy Kimmel Describes His Memorable Experience As Oscars Host

"I'm standing there like an idiot feeling bad for these guys but also trying really hard not to laugh, to be honest."

The 2017 Oscars ended with a dramatic and embarrassing mix-up when the award for best picture was announced incorrectly as "La La Land," and then mid-speech, the creators of the film were cut off and had to literally hand their Oscars to the real winners, "Moonlight." Awkward.

As host, Jimmy Kimmel seemed just as confused as everyone else.


So, on his next episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he talked about what it was like being host in the middle of the chaos.

"You just kind of figure, well you know, the host will go on stage and clear this up, and then I remember — oh, I'm the host," Kimmel said.