So You Want To Help Animals Trapped In Conflict Zones; Here's How

A bear in a zoo in Mosul, Iraq
You can donate to these organizations.

When people flee conflict zones, zoo animals are often left behind with little to no food or water. But some organizations are trying to help.

Four Paws is an international nonprofit that brings food, water and medicine to animals after a natural disaster or to those stuck in conflict areas. Depending on the circumstance, it also helps evacuate animals to nearby sanctuaries. You can donate here and can specify which cause.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare also helps animals recover after a natural disaster or conflict. It has a network of partners around the world. You can donate here or sign one of its petitions.

Kurdistan Organization of Animal Rights Protection helps protect domestic and wild animals in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. Volunteers have helped feed and transfer animals in Iraq's Mosul Zoo. To donate to KOARP, email