House Democrats Unveil 'Medicare For All' Bill

House Democrats Unveil 'Medicare For All' Bill
The bill has over 100 co-sponsors, but some some big details — like how the program would be funded — are still unclear.

Progressive House Democrats have unveiled their sweeping plan for universal health care, introducing a "Medicare for all" bill that would create a single-payer system for health insurance.

The bill was unveiled by Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal and has more than 100 co-sponsors. The goal of the bill is to transition all Americans into the Medicare system over the course of two years.

Medicare currently serves nearly 60 million Americans age 65 or older, but the new bill would eliminate the age threshold. It would also eliminate premiums and deductibles while providing benefits not currently covered by Medicare, such as vision, hearing and dental care.

It's similar to legislation previously proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders. But Jayapal's bill doesn't answer what will likely be its critics' biggest question: how it will be funded. She has reportedly said financing would be worked out later, but that may not convince skeptical Republicans or even some of her fellow Democrats.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't previously expressed support for a single-payer system, leaving it up in the air as to whether she'll bring the bill up for a vote.