House Approves Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill

House Approves Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill
The bill was approved by a vote of 358 to 36, continuing a trend of strong bi-partisan support.

On Thursday the House of Representatives approved the First Step Act, one of the most sweeping criminal justice reform bills in generations.

It passed on a 358-36 vote, keeping in line with the strong bipartisan support it had in the Senate. The upper chamber passed it 87-12 on Tuesday.

If it becomes law, the First Step Act will reduce mandatory minimum drug sentencing, lower the penalties for the "three-strikes" drug rule and implement several reforms aimed at moving the federal criminal justice system toward rehabilitation and away from severe punishment.

The bill still needs President Trump's approval, but there doesn't seem to be a question that he'll sign it; Trump sent out a congratulatory tweet after the House vote.

According to The Washington Post, the White House is planning to hold a signing ceremony Friday and hopes both Democrats and Republicans will attend.