Hong Kong Protesters Defy Protest Ban

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Protest Ban
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators protested at an illegal march.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters defied a ban on assembly and returned to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday before being violently stopped by police.

Multiple outlets have reported that police teargassed protesters as they threw firebombs and bricks at police stations and officers. Protesters also targeted banks and businesses connected to mainland China.

Police dispersed most of the demonstrators using water cannons filled with blue dye and some form of irritant. At one point, authorities found an explosive left in the middle of a Hong Kong street. They ordered an emergency evacuation before detonating it safely.

Protests in Hong Kong have been ongoing since June, when demonstrators took to the streets in order to protest a proposed extradition bill that would allow Hong Kong to send its citizens to mainland China. 

The protesters currently have 5 key demands: universal suffrage, an investigation into excessive police force, amnesty for those charged, the end of calling demonstrators 'rioters' and the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.