Here Are All The Jobs Cut (So Far) In Turkey's Post-Coup 'Purge'

Here Are All The Jobs Cut (So Far) In Turkey's Post-Coup 'Purge'
Turkey has been busy handing out suspensions, dismissals, resignations or jail time to government workers since the failed July 15 coup.

So, Turkey has suspended, dismissed or asked a lot of people to resign ever since the failed July 15 coup. 

Education Ministry - more than 15,000 personnel suspended

Interior Ministry - almost 9,000 officials suspended

Police officers  - almost 8,000 dismissed

Soldiers - 6,000 detained

Judges and prosecutors - a little under 3,000 judges and prosecutors either detained or dismissed

University deans - more than 1,500 deans asked to resign

Turkish Finance Ministry - 1,500 employees dismissed

Gendarme soldiers - 614 dismissed

Religious Affairs - 492 officials dismissed

Family and Social Policy Ministry - 393 employees dismissed

TRT Broadcast - 370 employees being investigated

Prime Minister office staff - 257 officials dismissed

Generals and admirals - 103 detained

National Intelligence Agency - 100 personnel suspended

District governors - 47 dismissed 

Provincial governors - 30 dismissed 

Turkey says it's doing this to root out any pro-coup sentiment in the government.

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Others have suggested Turkey's government already had these lists prepared.

Turkey's allies have warned it about backsliding from democracy.

"We also urge the government of Turkey to uphold the highest standards of respect for the nation's democratic institutions and the rule of law," John Kerry said at a European Union meeting.

Whatever the case may be, Turkey's canceling vacations for its remaining government employees — most likely to ensure the government can, well, you know… still run. 

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