He Didn't Win 'Jeopardy,' But He Won Our Hearts

Social media can't get over "Jeopardy" contestant Tom Flynn or his model behavior.

He Didn't Win 'Jeopardy,' But He Won Our Hearts
Getty Images / Amanda Edwards

Jeopardy: a game show usually involving librarians or teachers or super computers. 

Contestants usually aren't compared to Abercrombie models.

Meet Tom Flynn. (Video via CBS)

The social media universe fell in love or at least became fascinated with the New York bartender Monday.

Many on Twitter noticed when Flynn wasn't winning cash, he spent an awful lot of time looking into the monitor.

He was racking up quite a bit of money until the final round when this happened.

"Now, he stared at this for a long time and was unable to write anything down, so he will lose $8,400," Alex Trebek said.

To be fair, the answer has to start with "what" — so he got that part right. (Video via CBS)

It's okay. Maybe Flynn had another goal besides winning the grand prize.

He still won America's hearts.

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