Have Anti-Trump Delegates Found A New Way To Try To Stop Trump?

Have Anti-Trump Delegates Found A New Way To Try To Stop Trump?
A group of delegates hopes to make some changes to the Republican National Committee's nomination rules.

"We're not destroying the party. We're saving the party," Kendal Unruh, the leader of the Free the Delegates movement, told Newsy's partners at KMGH in June.

It appears anti-Trump delegates are looking at another way to stop Donald Trump — or at least gain a little control.

According to BuzzFeed News, a group of anti-Trump delegates will present proposed changes to the RNC's Rules Committee next week. The outlet obtained a document that appears to be from Free the Delegates, a movement that aims to let convention delegates "vote their conscience." 

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The main goal of the changes? To position anti-Trump delegates to have more of a say in who becomes the vice presidential nominee.

The proposed changes focus on the Republican National Committee's Rule 40, which deals with nominations.

One change would reduce the number of states whose support is needed for a VP candidate to be considered for the nomination. Right now, a candidate needs the support of the majority of delegates from eight states. The proposed rule would reduce that number of states to three.

The group also aims to add a clause that would require additional rounds of voting if a vice presidential candidate doesn't receive two-thirds in the first round.

According to BuzzFeed News, an unnamed source with Free the Delegates described the proposal as an "arranged marriage option" that would allow the grassroots movement to be more involved.

This news shouldn't come as a surprise. Various movements, including Dump Trump, have formed over the last few months to prevent a Trump nomination. There have also been attempts by GOP members to find a candidate to run against Trump, but so far none of those have panned out.

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