Total Solar Eclipse
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Aug. 21, 2017 will be America's best chance to see a total solar eclipse for the next seven years.

Meet The Goats Of Anarchy: A Rescue Farm For Baby Goats

Leanne Lauricella documents the goats on her popular Instagram account.
Meet The Goats Of Anarchy: A Rescue Farm For Baby Goats

A former New York City corporate event planner is now a mom to dozens of goats.

"Goats just want to have fun," goat caretaker Leanne Lauricella said. 

Lauricella cares for them at her New Jersey home. She also built a barn for them. She calls her farm Goats of Anarchy.

She started with a few pet goats. Then, she decided to rescue others.

They're not just any goats. Many are disabled or need to be nurtured back to health. Others have been saved from being slaughtered.

She doesn't have a veterinary background. But after she went vegan, she wanted to give animals a second chance.

Although raising goats can be profitable, Lauricella says it's not about the money. She doesn't sell meat, milk or the fiber from her four-legged babies.

Her popular Instagram account and crowdfunding have kept the donations rolling in.