Documents Show Fox News Settled Harassment Suit Against Bill O'Reilly

Documents Show Fox News Settled Harassment Suit Against Bill O'Reilly
Fox News reportedly paid former host Juliet Huddy hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle a harassment claim against Bill O'Reilly.

Documents obtained by The New York Times show Fox News recently settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against its top anchor, Bill O'Reilly.

Former Fox personality Juliet Huddy claimed O'Reilly made inappropriate sexual advances toward her in 2011. 

A letter from Huddy's lawyers said O'Reilly tried to kiss and grab her. The letter also alleged he made "highly inappropriate and sexual" phone calls to Huddy. And it made similar claims about Fox News co-President Jack Abernethy.

Fox News representatives denied any wrongdoing from its employees, saying Huddy's letter "contains substantial falsehoods."

But Huddy's lawyers said when she denied those advances, O'Reilly used his significant sway at Fox News to derail her career. 

Huddy says she lost her segment on O'Reilly's show and was transferred to the 4:30 a.m. newscast on a local Fox affiliate in retaliation. She reportedly got a settlement in the high six figures.

Those allegations were settled just one day before Gretchen Carlson received a reported $20 million settlement after she claimed former Fox News president Roger Ailes sexually harassed her.

O'Reilly was slapped with a similar lawsuit from a producer on his show in 2004. That suit was reportedly settled for millions of dollars.