Fans Create #BettyWhiteChallenge To Honor Her Memory

Fans Create #BettyWhiteChallenge To Honor Her Memory
The beloved actress was well-known for her love of animals, worked with zoos and had many pets of her own.

Just days after her passing, a beloved American treasure is again trending on Twitter.

This time, it's as "#bettywhitechallenge." It's a call to action that some say is the best tribute possible for the TV legend.

The #bettywhitechallenge has been trending on Twitter since her passing. The viral hashtag is asking people to donate $5 or more to an animal rescue or shelter on Jan. 17, Betty White's 100th birthday.

Social media has worked in White's favor before. A social media campaign played a role in winning her a hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" in 2010. 

White's death was confirmed Dec. 31 by Jeff Witjas, her longtime agent and friend.