This Ancestry Website Might Reveal Information You Don't Want Public

hands typing on a laptop
Family Tree Now markets itself as a "free genealogy site," but it seems to show a lot more than family records.

People are not happy about a historical records website called Family Tree Now that displays a little more than your ancestral background. 

I saw warning posts from a few friends before I decided to search for myself. After entering my first name, last name and state of residence, the search results pulled up a list of several relatives, associates and my past addresses. 

According to the site, the data is "compiled from 1000's of U.S. public records sources, including property, business, historical and current records." 

Even if the information is public record, a lot of people don't want their addresses on display for any internet harasser or real-life stalker to find.

Twitter user @Almost_Anna posted a thread with step-by-step instructions on how to opt out and get your personal information off the site. 

A few of our staff members got error messages when they tried to opt out, but my information was removed after about two hours. 

The website asks that you allow up to 48 hours for the request to be processed.